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Loss & Damage Policy
Wearing apparel is covered by the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Care Label Rule. Textile garments sold in the United States must have a permanent, legible care label attached in a conspicuous place. All parts of the garment must be able to withstand the recommended care procedure. In the rare and unfortunate instance that your garment is lost or damaged by EL Jamper Dry Cleaners Pick-up & Delivery Services or a third party, we will issue you a refund or credit for the value of that garment, as specified in the National Fair Claims Guide from the International Fabricare Institute (“IFI”). This guide takes into account the average life of the garment, depreciation for the age of the item, and the current replacement cost. If the customer is unable to document the age of a garment, the customer can attest to the age but  El Jamper Dry Cleaners, in its sole discretion, may limit the minimum age of any garment to one year. If no current replacement cost is available (e.g., because the item is no longer available in stores), El Jamper Dry Cleaners may use the replacement cost of a comparable item currently available. The maximum liability assumed by EL Jamper Dry Cleaners Pick-up & Delivery Services is seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per item not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00) per order and is subject to standard depreciation schedules as spelled out in the Fair Claim Guide from the International Fabricare Institute (“IFI”). Although EL Jamper Dry Cleaners Pick-up & Delivery Services is not liable for damage or loss due to the fault of its third-party cleaners or service providers, we may, in our sole discretion, chose to reimburse the customer in these events pursuant to the IFI standards described above. We are not liable for any preexisting damage to garments. If we find any preexisting damage or have a concern about the colorfastness, or the age or weakness of the fabric, we will contact you to obtain your approval before proceeding to care for the item. If we are unable to obtain your authorization in a timely manner, then we may return the item without cleaning it.


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